Aceleron – Directors Story

We helped innovative battery tech company and fellow Brummies, Aceleron, to look the business. Presenting their all-new Essential battery to the world with a suite of video launch content.

Aceleron is leading the charge on battery innovation and pushing to make battery products more sustainable across the globe. The Essential is the first lithium-ion battery of its kind. This provides up to 4x the cycle life and 3x more continuous power of a comparable lead-acid battery. Did we mention, whilst being 100% reusable!

Our creatively-lead approach has delivered a suite of films that drive home key benefits in an engaging, informative and humorous way. Capturing the innovative nature of Aceleron and its products as well as the personality that makes the company stand out.

So, to the videos. Every company has a story to tell and this Director Profile video does just that. The company founders, Amrit and Carlton, were keen to be involved as we took a witty, B2C approach. To what traditionally could be a very standard piece of B2B comms.

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