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“I love blowing clients away.”

Sam Rutter


E-mail: sam@barrettfilm.co
0121 655 0204
Hi, I’m Sam and I run the editing and post function at BFC. I’m also often second camera on our shoots which gives me a unique and immediate insight into post-production requirements as we are actually capturing footage in-camera. When we get to post, that means I can hit the ground running.
I’ve been in the film and video industry for 11 years as an editor. For 7 of those years I worked at a company that also did kit hire, so I do know my way around all the toys.
I’m a creative person and love working with my hands, making stuff. So this job suits me down to the ground. Working on and crafting a project from start to finish is the ultimate for me. Seeing new ideas flourish and being loved by the client is the best feeling.
As an editor, I love seeing everything come together as the vision we had in mind. But also, when you find something unexpected within the footage. Something that wasn't planned or scripted yet blows you away. That's a magical moment.